Exploring the Unique Breweries of Central Colorado

Are you looking for a unique experience in Central Colorado? From award-winning craft beers to traditional German-style lagers, this region has something for everyone. Whether you're a beer enthusiast or just looking for a place to relax and enjoy a cold one, the breweries of Central Colorado have something to offer. ChopHouse's 10-barrel system offers a wide variety of beers, from light and dark lagers to fruity stouts and sourness. Jagged Mountain is renowned for its selection of traditional beers, while pushing the boundaries of what craft beer lovers believe can be found in specialized craft beer.

Raíces is a Latin-owned brewery that offers award-winning craft beers, rotating Latin American food, and ongoing events. Strange Craft was the first small brewery tavern to open in Denver, with a cozy bar made of reclaimed wood, a spacious outdoor seating area with garden games, rotating food trucks, and 15 award-winning beer taps. Woods Boss has transformed an early 20th century brick building into a beautiful brewery and tavern, with 24 faucets featuring 20 home-brewed craft beers and a gluten-free option, as well as root beer and kombucha. Wynkoop is the first brewery in Colorado, founded in 1988 before LoDo (Lower Downtown) was even an acronym.

More than 30 years later, Wynkoop is still a Denver institution, known for its innovative brewers who put just about anything in their beer. Bierstadt Lagerhaus is an exclusively beer brewery that focuses on traditional techniques and German-style beers. Black Shirt is a small but powerful independent craft brewery, craft pizza place and live music venue located on the north end of RiNo. The Blue Moon location in RiNo is an opportunity to enjoy creativity and innovative brewing.

Cohesion is dedicated to brewing beers in the traditional styles found in the Czech Republic. Diebolt is located in a 75-year-old warehouse located in a quiet residential area and is proud of their French family heritage and the excellent farmhouse style beers they produce. Left Hand RiNo is the dream come true for one brewer who has been brewing beer since 1993. Cervecería Colorado celebrates the culture and flavors of Mexico with beer recipes inspired and developed in partnership with several Mexican craft breweries. Black Sky has 25 tap and barrel aged beers, with popcorn, mugs and bombers available to take home.

New Haven-style pizzas, calzones and grinders are served daily. Novel Strand is an independently owned boutique brewery and tavern in the historic Baker neighborhood of Denver. TRVE has been the best place in Denver to have a beer, chat and listen to heavy metal music for more than a decade. The North Dock features the Dry Dock production brewery, a tasting room and a unique form of beer recreation. The Canoe Room has 12 taps of beer made here and bar seats for 50 people.

Its adjoining “inner courtyard” can accommodate a few dozen people or groups of a few hundred, while guests enjoy a bird's-eye view of the brewery's brewery and the cornhole games with a roof on top. North Dock also has an 18-hole disc golf course where beer lovers can enjoy Dry Dock creations and throw discs while enjoying the sun and new fun. Gordon Biersch is where German precision brewing meets American craft beer. His restaurant has its own brewery where the local master brewer uses the purest ingredients to create clean, fresh German beers and the best American craft beer. Based in Durango on the western side of the state, Ska was founded in 1995 and produces more than a dozen award-winning beers fueled by ska music and love.

A pioneer in the canned craft beer movement, Ska is known for its variety of styles in 12-ounce cans. With 100 percent solar and wind energy, Ska is the largest and most award-winning brewery in the Four Corners region. With more than 20 beers on tap and an outdoor dog tavern with games, live music and a kitchen that serves locally sourced sandwiches, salads and gourmet pizzas, you'll find everything you need at Ska Brewing World HQ. If you're interested in visiting many of these breweries (besides those in Colorado Springs), check out this article on the South-Central Colorado brewery tour! We invite you to explore all that Central Colorado has to offer!.

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